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Conference 2006
Plants as infrastructure

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Biographical Details:

Professor Joan Nassauer

Joan Iverson Nassauer is Professor of Landscape Architecture in the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan. She specialises in landscape ecology and landscape perception, and is interested in the application of these in the design of settled landscapes. She has previously chaired the United States International Society for Landscape Ecology, and has helped to build plans and designs, at federal, state and local government levels, for the improvement of ecological health with aesthetic experience. She has worked as an advisor to United States Senate Committees and is an internationally respected figure in the field of agricultural change.

Professor Nassauer is challenged and excited by an interdisciplinary mission to bring together people from different disciplines to work on landscape issues, and consequently enables her personal work to deepen.

She is passionate about understanding the many related factors influencing landscape change - cultural and natural and their ecological consequences and she is currently researching several areas of particular interest. These include the retrofitting of cities - especially brownfield sites - in order to facilitate ecological function and water quality, perceptions of ecologically innovative exurban development patterns, the use of alternative policy scenarios and futures to monitor landscape change, and watershed planning and management in both agricultural and urban settings. Joan will speak on a range of these topics during the conference.

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