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Chris Webb

Chris is a keen amateur horticulturist who has always enjoyed plants. For many years he was based in Auckland and will relocate to Thames from 2016.

Chris comes from a long line of keen gardeners. Some of his earliest memories are of his mother growing cuttings of pelargoniums and the Prunus ‘Kanzan’ and P. nigra in their Dunedin garden.

Another early memory which inspired his interest in plants and gardening was the huge apples that grew on their Peasgood Nonsuch apple tree, and having more than one variety of apple on trees that were grafted by his father.

Since owning his first small property in 1985, he has always developed and maintained a decorative garden containing a variety of plants of interest to him.

Chris has been a member of various horticultural groups such as Heritage Roses, Meadowbank Garden Society and the RNZIH.

In his appointment on the National Executive, Chris is looking forward to making a greater contribution to the activities of RNZIH.


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