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Common Weeds
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Anredera cordifolia
Madeira vine


Reproduced from
Common Weeds of New Zealand
by Ian Popay, Paul Champion & Trevor James
ISBN 0 473 09760 5
by kind permission of the
New Zealand Plant Protection Society

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Anredera cordifolia - Madeira vine

Rhizomatous, twining, smothering perennial vine with 3-7 m long stems.

  • Flowers White, fragrant, numerous, tube-shaped, in simple or two- to four-branched, hanging racemes about 18 cm long. Flowers Jan-Apr.
  • Fruit Not formed in New Zealand.
  • Leaves Almost stalkless, 2-11 cm long by 1.75-10 cm wide, broadly ovate in outline, margins often turned inwards. Leaves slightly succulent, shining, with heart-shaped base and blunt apex.
  • Stems Climbing, slender, often reddish, bearing small tubers in axils.
  • Roots Rhizomes.


Gardens, hedges, waste land, scrubland and coastal gullies.


Occasional in NI from North Auckland, south to Hawkes Bay and the Manawatu. On Port Hills near Christchurch in SI, and the Kermadecs. Originally from tropical South America.


Spreads by pieces of rhizome and stem tubers. Listed on the National Pest Plant Accord (see Introduction for details).

Derivation of name

Anredera (derivation unknown); cordifolia (Lat.) = with heart-shaped leaves.

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Last updated: July 13, 2014