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A Gardener's Guide

By Roger Turner
Published by Batsford, July 1995

Reviewed by Mike Oates

This guide offers practical information for the cultivation and propagation of euphorbias in Britain, Europe, and the United States. It includes an A-Z of 80 species and varieties of this perennial plant and is designed for use by both amateur and professional gardeners.

With increased interest in subtle colours and interesting foliage, the hardy euphorbias have become more important to garden designers. The author, Roger Turner, is a former custodian of the National Collection of Euphorbias, and has studied them for many years. He looks at the place of hardy euphorbias in what is a huge plant family and describes how they grow in their natural habitats.

New Zealand Garden Journal: Journal of the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture 1996 1(1): 24

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