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Hebes Here and ThereHebes Here and There

By Graham Hutchins, 320 pages.

Reviewed by Tony Hayter (aj.me.hayter@boltblue.com)
The Hebe Society (UK)
eproduced with his permission from
Hebe News, Volume 16, No. 2, pages 25-28.

Graham Hutchins, founder member and Chairman of the Hebe Society, wrote Hebes Here and There, illustrated by Patricia K R Davies. It was privately published by them in 1997, and is available from the authors.

Hebes Here and There starts with maps of New Zealand, a preface by our President, Chris Brickell, and an introduction detailing the history of Graham's involvement with hebes. In chapter 1 he introduces the geography of New Zealand, and gives an introduction to naming hebes. All aspects of the cultivation of hebes, hebes recommended for special situations and purposes, and time of flowering are described in chapter 2. Graham in chapter 3 shows us how to study and describe hebes, with the aid of many useful drawings. Chapter 4 describes the identification of hebes: firstly by assigning them to one of six groups, based on presence or absence of sinus, and size of leaf, secondly by matching to one of 217 drawings of leaf outlines. In chapter 5 Graham describes 170 Hebe species, subspecies and varieties. A detailed description of each hebe is given. In chapter 6 he describes 115 Hebe cultivars.

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