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Led By The Nose
A garden of smells

By Jenny Joseph

Jenny Joseph is a writer of intangible originality who makes us see and hear and smell the world afresh. Here she gives an olfactory account, month by month, as she journeys through her garden and woodland areas surrounding her house. "So August is the beginning of the gathering season as well as the harvesting of cultivated crops. There are lighter sweeter smells as well from two plants that will have a resurgence now if you picked sedulously earlier on — sweet peas and wild strawberries. Mingled with these are astringent smells of nasturtium, tomatoes, bonfires, new feverfew leaves, poppy stalks. How could anyone, how can I, think of August as a dull month?"  No pics, but beautifully written. A marvellous gift for the garden lover.

Reproduced with permission from NZOOM Home and Garden content,
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