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New Tree Biology Dictionary
Terms, Topics and Treatments For Trees and Their Problems and Proper Care

By Alex Shigo
Published by Shigo and Tree Associates, Durham, New Hampshire, USA, 1986

Reviewed by Bob Edwards

Written in 1986 the dictionary complements Shigo's monumental arboricultural textbook, A New Tree Biology.

The Dictionary is a 132 page, soft cover, quick reference to tree terms, topics, treatments, problems and their proper care.

It is thorough, alphabetical in format and detailed in its explanation. Like a New Tree Biology it explores new concepts such as the Three-tree concept which elaborates on the levels in a tree's life,

  1. the young tree that is mostly branches,
  2. the mature tree with well developed trunk and crown and,
  3. the community tree in the forest connected by root grafts or myccorhiza.

There are no pictures but the text is well illustrated with word pictures that conjure up examples and answers.

Shigo on vandalism. "The vandal will never go away, and no amount of punishment will deter them. There are two ways we may be able to reduce tree injuries caused by vandals:

  1. do not plant trees with large lower branches near walkways,
  2. use proper protection for trees."

He proceeds to explain, in practical ways, how best to deal with causes and effects. Good, practical advice written in simple, straight-forward English.

Did you know that a small burl-like, dimpled structure on hardwoods such as Acer saccharum is called a bird's eye? What is Kino and slime flux? You will find the answers, in detail, are in the dictionary.

Horticulture in New Zealand: Journal of the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture 1991 2(1): 35

Web Notes:

More of Shigo's work is profiled at the Techno Tree Biology Dictionary Website

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