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The Know Sow & Grow Kids Book of PlantsBOOK REVIEWS

The Know, Sow & Grow
Kids' Book of Plants

Diana Noonan & Keith Olsen
Bridge Hill

YOU don't even have to be a gardener - or a kid - to enjoy this award-winning little children's book.

It's colourful, fun and educational and covers quite a range of subjects in the plant world, from sunflowers, cactus, peas, kowhai, potato, beans, herbs and flowers to all the vegetables you can think of - and more.

The illustrations are delightful and the book is also full of little tips and revelations. For example, did you know that the kowhai also grows wild in Chile and in the Gough Islands between South America and Africa? Or that the world's largest carrot, weighing 7kg, was grown in Nelson. Or that you should always tear lettuce leaves? Cutting them with a knife bruises the leaves and robs the lettuce of vitamins.

The Know, Sow & Grow Kids' Book of Plants is a neat gift idea. Bridge Hill Publishing is based in Alexandra. Phone: (03) 448 6569.

Weekend Gardener, Issue 94, March 14-27, 2002, Page 28

Reproduced with permission from the former Weekend Gardener magazine. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the RNZIH

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