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The Aromatherapy Garden
Growing and Using Scented Plants

Julia Lawless
Kyle Cathie, distributed by Reed

The Aromatherapy GardenTHE health-giving qualities of herbs have long been known, but planting a garden based on aromatic principles can also be delightfully decorative.

This new book promotes the aromatherapy garden as a means to health, well-being and pleasure. Beginning with the ancient vision of the aromatic garden as an 'earthly paradise', it follows the progress of aromatherapy from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon through Greek and Roman periods, to the Renaissance and contemporary design influences.

The Aromatherapy Garden contemplates the different roles (medicinal, therapeutic and aesthetic) that scented plants have played throughout history, and then follows this up with practical advice on how to build a garden based on scent.

The Aromatherapy Garden

Another chapter deals with exotic container plants for conservatories - not the traditional aromatherapy garden but nonetheless a glorious way to enjoy scented plants.

The Aromatherapy GardenFifty aromatic plants are profiled in detail in a library of aromatic plants, which covers everything you need to know to grow and use a host of plants, from Acacia dealbata (which is used in expensive perfumes) to Viola odorata, the ever-popular sweet violet.

The Aromatherapy GardenThe Aromatherapy Garden also features recipes and projects that demonstrate how to use herbs and aromatic plants to enhance your home, health and cooking. There are excellent recipes for all manner of fragrant gifts too, from pot pourri to perfumed wash balls crafted from soap, lavender and rosewater, herb pillows, tussie mussies, bath bags and scented, dried wreaths.

Weekend Gardener, Issue 100, June 6-26, 2002, Page 28

Reproduced with permission from the former Weekend Gardener magazine. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the RNZIH

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