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Gardeners Encyclopaedia of New Zealand Native PlantsBOOK REVIEWS

The Gardener's
of New Zealand
Native Plants

Valda Paddison
Photographs by Yvonne Cave
Godwit, distributed by Random House New Zealand

THIS newly released, updated version of the award-winning book, The Gardener's Encyclopaedia of New Zealand Native Plants, features more than 2000 species, hybrids and cultivars in a highly illustrated, user-friendly format.

Published in hardback, it includes more than 1000 colour photographs with detailed descriptions, cultivation and propagation information to make a superbly comprehensive reference that will be a continuing delight to all gardeners.

Gardeners Encyclopaedia of New Zealand Native PlantsThe first section is preceded by introductory notes including lists of native plants with specific features or uses in the garden.

The photographs are arranged in three main groups; trees, shrubs and climbers; and herbaceous plants and ferns.

Within these broad categories, plants with similar attributes are grouped together under the relevant sub-heading.

The second part, the text, is compiled alphabetically by genus, allowing the reader to see the range of plants within a genus making it easy to find the relevant information for a photograph in the first section.

Text entries are cross-referenced to the page where the plant's photograph appears.

The book features a full glossary of the botanical terms used and a selection of nurseries specialising in native plans.

The Gardener's Encyclopaedia of New Zealand Native Plants is a sturdy, substantial and essential guide for gardeners with a love of natives. A huge volume representing real value and a must for any serious gardener's library.

Valda Paddison, an experienced garden writer and native plants enthusiast, is a major writer and chief consultant for Botanica's Trees and Shrubs.

Yvonne Cave, one of New Zealand's foremost plant photographers, is also the author of The Succulent Garden and her photographs have illustrated many other locally published books.

Weekend Gardener, Issue 104, August 22-September 4, 2002, Page 28

Reproduced with permission from the former Weekend Gardener magazine. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the RNZIH

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