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Orchids Care Manual

Brian and Sara Rittershausen
Hamlyn, NZ
$NZ35.95, $AUS27.95

FEW plants surpass orchids in terms of beauty, diversity and mystery. Orchids are extremely adaptable and can be grown equally well in greenhouses conservatories and gardens.

Orchids Care ManualBeginning with a history of the orchid family, this book explains in detail all the techniques needed to keep orchids in good shape. Watering, feeding, lighting and temperature conditions are discussed and practical advice is given on propagation, hybridisation and caring for orchids in pots.

The use of clear text, step-by-step photographs and illustrations will ensure that anyone can approach the growing of orchids with confidence.

A soft-cover, attractive, 128-page format, this guide is aimed at both the novice and the more seasoned gardener. It includes pests and disease control tips.

Brian and Sara Rittershausen are a father and daughter team well known throughout the orchid world. Brian has been writing and lecturing for many years and is an active member of the Royal Horticultural Society's Orchid Committee while Sara is involved with the running of Burnham Nurseries in Devon and writes for the National Orchid Journal and many other publications.

With superb photographs, Orchids is a must for readers wanting to learn more about these exquisite plants and how to have success with them in the home garden.

Orchids Care Manual

Weekend Gardener, Issue 117, 2003, Page 30

Reproduced with permission from the former Weekend Gardener magazine. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the RNZIH

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