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Ailing weeping cherry

I have two new weeping cherry trees. Within two weeks. Problem is the leaves on both trees are turning brown and wilting. They appear to be dying. I am new to this. Does this mean my trees are going to die, or is this normal?


I asked our landscaping and arboriculture expert, Jim Antill, for his thoughts. Jim says:

If you mean the leaves went brown within two weeks, there could be several reasons, depending on the time of year you planted. If it was in the late autumn they were planted, they could be naturally shedding their leaves, as all cherries do in winter.

But it sounds more likely that they are getting either too much water, or too little. If the hole they are planted in does not drain properly but the tree is still watered, the roots will be standing in water and they will die. Roots MUST have air: roots in water, no air. Roots die, tree dies. It only takes a week!

On the other hand, if they are not getting enough water they will shed their leaves to try to prevent water loss, and so save the tree. If you water it in time, the tree may lose its leaves but hopefully will grow some more. This problem is most common with summer planting.

UnitecAdvice by Dr Dan Blanchon from Unitec's Diploma in Sustainable Horticulture and Bachelor of Resource Management.

Reproduced with permission from NZOOM Home and Garden content,
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