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Stinging nettle

We moved into our place in North Otago nearly five years ago and we have been fighting a losing battle getting rid of stinging nettle. Have you any suggestions for getting rid of this problem weed?


Nettle is difficult to control. There are products available to commercial growers that are specific to nettles but not available to the home gardener.

I would suggest Round Up Renew at double strength (20 ml per litre) with a penetrant such as Pulse added to the spray. Pulse is a spray fix which enables the spray to be absorbed into the plant quickly and is effective on plants with waxy or hairy leaf surfaces (like nettles).

A Kiwi Care product called Buster (Shortcut 20) is also effective on nettle. If your local garden centre or hardware store do not stock it, they will be able to order it in for you.

Yates NZ suggests you may have some success with Activated Amitrole or Woody Weedkiller.

Some other suggestions — a thick mulch of pea straw, lawn clippings or similar to smother the weeds. Newspaper can be placed underneath and the mulch on top. Continual cultivation with a push hoe may also work.

UnitecAdvice by Dr Dan Blanchon from Unitec's Diploma in Sustainable Horticulture and Bachelor of Resource Management.

Reproduced with permission from NZOOM Home and Garden content,
from the previous website of  TVNZ News

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