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My kaffir lime is poorly

Why are my kaffir lime leaves becoming yellow with a dark green stripe?

Your kaffir lime tree is hungry!  Citrus trees are gluttons for nitrogen and potassium especially.  You need to get a specific citrus fertiliser, or if your kaffir lime is in a pot, then a slow-release version.

Water the soil well, then sprinkle the fertiliser around the drip line and water in again.  Avoid the trunk and do not rake the fertiliser in as citrus have very shallow feeding roots.

Regular feeding and watering are important, especially in summer.

UnitecAdvice by Dr Dan Blanchon from Unitec's Diploma in Sustainable Horticulture and Bachelor of Resource Management.

Reproduced with permission from NZOOM Home and Garden content,
from the previous website of  TVNZ News

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