Conference 2003

Conference 2003
Greening the City:
Bringing Biodiversity Back
into the Urban Environment


A Visual Commentary on Biodiversity in Christchurch

Simon Fenwick & Nancy Simovic (Boffa Miskell, Christchurch)

Urban biodiversity — a might think.

Not quite, for a closer look reveals that the city of Christchurch actually harbours a wide variety of species, habitats and ecosystems; most are modified or rehabilitated during development, though some are either remnant and reasonably intact.

The landscape architect's influence on biodiversity ranges from landscape assessment and protection of important landscapes through to client consultation and site-specific garden design. Our role is increasingly more challenging; ensuring individual aesthetics and current trends are balanced with appropriate ecological, cultural and functional design responses. Site-specific ecology can inspire the creative process of the designer, where biodiversity, especially in the urban context, is an important component of the successful landscape design.

We present a commentary on biodiversity in Christchurch using slide and video, annotated by of two landscape architects working in and around the city. Throughout the presentation we will explore the role of the landscape architect with regards to biodiversity, the reaction of the public to issues surrounding it and the potential for a greater understanding and recognition of biodiversity in public and private spaces.

Conference sponsored by:

British Council NZ
The Community Trust
Landcare Research

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