Conference 2003

Conference 2003
Greening the City:
Bringing Biodiversity Back
into the Urban Environment


The Whau River posters

Gilbert Brakey (Gecko NZ and Convener of Friends of the Whau Inc.)

  1. The Whau River Project
  2. Biodiversity rehabilitation with community participation.

  3. Biodiversity of the Whau River Catchment
  4. The biodiversity of the Whau River area is fragile and lies within the boundaries of New Zealand's largest city. This poster illustrates the biodiversity of the area and the way in which it is being restored.

Friends of the Whau Inc. is a broad-based community conservation group founded in Jan 2000 to restore the Whau River and its catchment for greater ecosystem biodiversity, historic and cultural heritage and public enjoyment. FOW works with the two local authorities (Auckland & Waitakere Cities), the local iwi, ARC, Ecowater and Metrowater in an integrated catchment restoration programme. FOW received the National Green Ribbon Award for urban conservation in June 2002.

Conference sponsored by:

British Council NZ
The Community Trust
Landcare Research

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