Conference 2003

Conference 2003
Greening the City:
Bringing Biodiversity Back
into the Urban Environment


Metapopulations with People

John L. Craig (School of Geography & Environmental Science, University of Auckland)

All urban areas contain a matrix of parks and urban gardens. Many also have larger parks on the outskirts. Native biodiversity is present in all yet authorities rarely consider the advantages of integrating planning in ways that enhance biodiversity and the opportunities for citizens to appreciate their heritage in their own backyard. Instead the protectionist mindset that biodiversity is best conserved in parks distant from people prevails.

This talk will look at how concepts of metapopulation management can enhance biodiversity opportunities in urban areas. Managing source populations that allow immigration to counter localised extinctions is important. Using examples from greater Auckland, the talk will show current shortcomings as well as the wealth of opportunities that are available with integrated planning. The presence of people is key to future success.

Conference sponsored by:

British Council NZ
The Community Trust
Landcare Research

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