Conference 2003

Conference 2003
Greening the City:
Bringing Biodiversity Back
into the Urban Environment


Environmental Compensation as a Planning Tool for Protecting Urban Biodiversity within the Framework of the RMA 1991

Ali Memon & Nancy Borrie (Environmental Management Group, Lincoln University)

The technique of environmental compensation is used in first generation RMA planning instruments (for example, a number of regional and district plans) to remedy loss of environmental resources resulting from adverse effects. However, the practice of environmental compensation in New Zealand is ad hoc and variable. Compared to New Zealand, some countries (e.g., USA, Germany, and Holland) have relatively better-developed statutory regimes for regulating application of environmental compensation and greater implementation experience.

Our objective in this poster is to provide a reflective perspective on the practice of environmental compensation under the RMA. The poster provides an overview of international experience with environmental compensation regimes and the lessons they have to offer for improving practice in New Zealand. On the basis of this, we question the adequacy of the statutory basis for environmental compensation under the RMA and how these provisions are currently being implemented.

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British Council NZ
The Community Trust
Landcare Research

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