Conference 2003

Conference 2003
Greening the City:
Bringing Biodiversity Back
into the Urban Environment

Colin MeurkBiographical Details (from his Loder Cup Citation):

Colin Meurk (Landcare Research, Lincoln)

Landcare Research ecologist and conservationist, Dr Colin Meurk of Christchurch was awarded the 2001 Loder Cup Award by Conservation Minister, Hon Sandra Lee at a ceremony at Landcare Research.

It was the second year in succession the award had gone to a Canterbury recipient, reflecting the combined work by local groups and agencies to protect and restore the region's unique natural character. Dr Meurk was acknowledged as the instigator of much of this work, both in a professional and a personal capacity.

Nationally and internationally regarded as an outstanding ecologist, Dr Colin Meurk has dedicated his life to the conservation of New Zealand's indigenous flora and fauna and, more recently, the conservation of Canterbury's unique natural heritage.

As ecological advisor to the Christchurch City Council, he had played a leading role in the Christchurch City Council's waterway enhancement programme and was at the forefront of the "greening" of Christchurch, promoting native planting in urban areas.

He had played a key role in saving the Travis Swamp, one of the most valuable areas of natural habitat in the eastern South Island, and remained actively involved in ongoing management of this significant natural area.

He also had considerable experience in the high country and on off-shore islands, and was internationally known for his research into the unique botany and ecology of the subantarctic islands, and in particular Campbell Island.

Dr Meurk's work was directed towards ensuring that New Zealanders would always appreciate the relevance of their indigenous flora, no matter where they lived.

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