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Grevillea gaudichaudi

Carefree charmer

Grevillea gaudichaudi Renowned as a tough groundcover, happy in poor dry soils and great for covering banks, walls, boulders and retaining walls or as a garden edging, Grevillea gaudichaudi is as carefree as it's charming.

It will spread over quite an area — up to 3 metres — so it's ideal for planting at the top of a wall where it can cascade down. It's also wonderful for low maintenance but attractive plantings, where its low spreading form can be utilised as a contrast to bold shrubs. In such situations Grevillea gaudichaudi combines well with the bushy, beautiful and always in flower Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'.

For drama, plant Grevillea gaudichaudi as a surrounding to the dramatic, treelike Aloe bainesii. It also looks good with bold native plants — bronze flaxes (Phormium) such as 'Merlot', dark and dramatic Cordyline 'Purple Tower' or the large leafed and full-of-character shrub Griselinia lucida.

Mingling Grevillea gaudichaudi with stronger growing kangaroo paws (Anigozanthos) such as 'Royal Cheer' and 'Bush Gold' creates a bold and distinctive look in a garden.

Liddle Wonder Also see: http://www.liddlewonder.co.nz/SchemesandThemes/lib/gregaucha.htm

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