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Clivia 'Hammet Moonglow'

Clivia 'Hammet Moonglow' Keep an eye out for the astonishing new yellow-flowered clivia, 'Hammett Moonglow'. Just when we were getting used to the wonderful, vibrant orange clivia, along comes a new one to amaze us.

'Hammett Moonglow' is well named, with its soft, glowing yellow flowers. It has the added bonus of yellow berries which form after the flowers have bloomed and last for a long time — the orange flowered forms have scarlet berries.

Clivias adore shade, thriving in the very well-drained soils beneath tall trees or against a south facing house wall. What they don't like is sunshine and damp soils.

Clivias look good even when they aren't flowering, with their bold, strap-shaped leaves and clumping habit. They are very easy in pots, needing little attention for years, apart from a bit of feeding. But never put a small clivia into a big pot. They like cramped conditions when living in containers. 

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Last updated: June 24, 2004