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Asparagus scandens
climbing asparagus


Reproduced from
Common Weeds of New Zealand
by Ian Popay, Paul Champion & Trevor James
ISBN 0 473 09760 5
by kind permission of the
New Zealand Plant Protection Society

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Asparagus scandens - climbing asparagus Asparagus scandens - climbing asparagus

Slender scrambling or climbing perennial, with feathery cladodes (green, flattened stems that resemble leaves) usually in threes at each node. Flowers small, solitary, white, followed by red berries.

  • Flowers White, rarely pale pink, 3-4 mm long, solitary in leaf axils. Flowers Sep-Dec.
  • Fruit Round red berry about 8 mm in diameter, with a solitary round black seed about 4 mm in diameter.
  • Leaves Narrow lance-shaped, flattened, curved cladodes usually in threes at each node, 5-15 mm long by 0.8-1.5 mm wide, one noticeably longer.
  • Stems Green, strongly binding to its support, much-branched at the top, up to 2 m long.
  • Roots Tuberous.


Forest remnants, regenerating forest, grassy places, rock walls and hedges.


In NI only, at Whangarei, Woodhill Forest, Auckland City, Wanganui, Wellington. Originally from South Africa.


Listed on the National Pest Plant Accord (see Introduction for details).

Derivation of botanical name

Asparagus (Lat.) = asparagus; scandens (Lat.) = climbing.

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Last updated: July 13, 2014