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Common Weeds
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Ipomoea indica
blue morning glory


lpomoea indica - blue morning gloryReproduced from
Common Weeds of New Zealand
by Ian Popay, Paul Champion & Trevor James
ISBN 0 473 09760 5
by kind permission of the
New Zealand Plant Protection Society

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Rampant, smothering, hairy perennial, climbing up to 12 m high. It has brilliant blue, trumpet-shaped flowers in summer.

  • Flowers Bright blue, large, open trumpet-shaped, up to 10 cm in diameter, in few-flowered axillary clusters, new flowers opening daily and fading to pink in late afternoon. Flowers Jan-Dec.
  • Fruit Very rarely fruits in NZ.
  • Leaves Deeply three-lobed, up to 18 cm long by 16 cm wide, silky-hairy underneath. Terminal lobe egg-shaped, lateral lobes broad and uneven.
  • Stems Twining and running.
  • Roots Fibrous.


Gardens, waste places, forest margins and plantations.


Occasional throughout frost-free lowland NI, rare in northern SI. Originally from tropical regions.


Extremely attractive tropical plant grown for ornament, and now growing wild in many places. Listed on the National Pest Plant Accord (see Introduction for details).

Derivation of botanical name

Ipomoea (Gr.) = worm-like; indica (Lat.) = of India or the Indies.

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Last updated: July 13, 2014