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The NZ Notable Trees Trust (NZNTT) was established 2007/2008 to continue the national scheme established in 1977 to identify and register heritage trees.

The Trust have established a Notable Trees website and online database.

Please visit them for more information.

The New Zealand Notable Trees Trust (NZNTT)

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The Notable Trees Trust provides a record of the notable and heritage trees that have been registered by the RNZIH since 1977 and its Trust since 2007/2008.

There are currently more than 650 records representing some 3000 trees.

The work is mostly voluntarily, and the trust encourages further support, research and information.

The Purpose of the New Zealand Tree Register

This register is of national importance. The recording of these significant trees aims to locate, catalogue, and identify one of the great treasures of New Zealand — its heritage of venerable trees.

By registering these outstanding trees, public attention is drawn to them and in this way they receive a measure of protection by acknowledging their importance.

Many trees are lost because their significance is unknown. There are many more significant trees needing registration.

Background information:

For more information on New Zealand Notable Trees including:

  • About Notable Trees and the New Zealand Notable Trees Trust
  • Measuring and Recording Trees
  • Procedure for registering Notable Trees
  • Searching the Notable Tree Register database
  • Contacting the Trust
  • Donations
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