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NZ Clivia Club

History of the club

In the 1980s and 1990s there was renewed international interest in the clivia genus resulting in the formation in the early 1990s of what is now The Clivia Society in South Africa. At this time there were a number in New Zealand growing clivia and some became members of The Clivia Society.

In October 2002 some Auckland clivia growers pooled their resources and staged a clivia exhibition at the Botanic Gardens in Manurewa, Auckland. Few had previously seen these lovely plants displayed for the first time in New Zealand, and from the interest generated at this exhibition the club was born.

The decision to form the club was taken at an inaugural meeting of interested people held at the Botanic gardens on 15th March 2003 at which 23 people were present. In naming it "New Zealand Clivia Club Incorporated" the meeting opted for a club rather than a society to entrench an informal and non-competitive environment. As our first Chairperson, Dr Keith Hammett, stated: "The main aim of the new club is to have fun" with clivia.

The club was incorporated into a legal entity on the 23rd May 2003 when it was registered as an Incorporated Society. The objectives of the club were then enshrined in the registered rules of the club as:

To promote the cultivation, conservation and development of Clivia by:

1.1 The exchange of information
1.2 The exchange of plants, seed and pollen
1.3 The exchange of expertise and specialized knowledge.

In order to:

Stimulate interest in Clivia by holding shows and exhibitions.
Encourage research and the accumulation and dissemination of information.
Co-operate with the International Clivia Society and its associated clubs throughout the world.

The club became affiliated to The Clivia Society in South Africa on 12th September 2007.

The NZ Clivia Club maintained their website up until 2020, and the club officially wound-up in 2022.

In May 2022, permission was granted by members of the club to archive elements of their former website, especially their newsletters (2003-2015), to help preserve the information about clivias and their horticultural history in New Zealand.

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