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Greening the City: Bringing Biodiversity Back into the Urban Environment

Proceedings of a conference held by the Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture in Christchurch, 21–24 October 2003.

These proceedings, edited by Murray Dawson and published December 2005, contain papers from a highly successful conference on urban biodiversity covering a broad range of topics including:

  • The important role of cities as a repository for biodiversity
  • Social aspects of biodiversity in the urban environment
  • Restoration and revegetation projects throughout New Zealand
  • Trees in the urban environment
  • Using plants to create healthy environments.

These proceedings will be relevant to a wide audience, including conservation groups and trusts, academics, ecologists, social scientists, students, conservation educators, horticulturists, landscape architects, town and city planners, greenspace managers, tangata whenua, and conservationists.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Canterbury Community Trust, we are able to offer this 310-page publication including colour plates at a heavily discounted rate.

  • New Zealand: NZ$42.20 including p&p
  • Overseas: Australia NZ$47.80 including p&p – Europe and USA NZ$58.80 including p&p
  • Online as individual PDFs.

Garden Visiting: Potential for Tourism

Proceedings of the Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture Seminar, 24th November 2000.

This publication contains 7 papers presented at the seminar, giving views of experienced open garden owners, tour organizers and others, with particular reference to the need for a national information register of open gardens. Valuable suggestions were made on what visitors expect from a garden visit and how visitors, both international and local, can be attracted to open gardens.

This seminar set the scene for the formation of the NZ Gardens Trust in 2004.

New Zealand Plants and Their Story

Proceedings of the Royal NZ Institute of Horticulture Conference, 1–3rd October 1999.

These conference proceedings are also .

This major publication, edited by Mike Oates, contains 19 papers from this landmark conference on native plants. An invaluable reference for all those interested in native plants. Papers cover a wide range of topics including:

  • The increasing use and management of native plants in gardens, parks, and public spaces
  • Revegetation and restoration of natural areas
  • Latest research on native plants
  • Trends and fashions in gardening and the role of natives
  • Cultivating natives in the home garden.

People, Plants and Conservation

(Out of stock)

Proceedings of the 1992 RNZIH Conference on Botanic Gardens.

More than 20 papers on the work of public gardens with particular emphasis on plant conservation.

International Register of Hebe Cultivars

This major work, prepared by Lawrie Metcalf over fifteen years and published by the RNZIH in 2001 provides an invaluable reference for all those interested in growing Hebe as garden plants, as well as those involved in correct naming of cultivars. It contains:

  • Names and descriptions of nearly 800 Hebe cultivars, including synonyms, incorrect and invalid names
  • Major sections on the taxonomy of Hebe prepared by Professor Philip Garnock-Jones and on the history of Hebe as a garden plant by Dr Peter Heenan.

This 232-page book contains colour plates of a selection of Hebe cultivars and is attractively bound.

Available from the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture.

Special offer for RNZIH members (20% discount) of $NZ48.00 plus p&p.

This book is reviewed by the Hebe Society UK (along with two others on Hebe), and Commercial Horticulture magazine.

Checklist of Phormium Cultivars

A comprehensive guide to, and description of flax cultivars, including those selected by Maori for cultural use.

Published by the RNZIH in 1991.

Flowers for Shows

Flowers for shows

($NZ10.00 each but currently out of stock)

A practical guide for those wishing to exhibit flowers, fruit, and vegetables at shows.

Last published by the RNZIH in 1984.

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