Garden History Award
(Award in Horticultural History and Conservation)

The award is granted to any nominated individual or organisation within New Zealand making distinguished contributions to horticultural history and conservation. The contributions may include scholarly publications on any aspect of horticultural history or of the development of cultivated plants, studies on individual gardens, horticulturists or plants, projects on the conservation of cultivated plants, projects involving the conservation and/or restoration of gardens or garden structures.

The aim of the award is to help focus Institute support for horticultural history and the conservation of cultivated plants, promote public interest in horticultural history and conservation, promote public awareness of the Institute, and encourage cooperation with other bodies such as the Historic Places Trust.

We thank Dr AR Ferguson who wrote the majority of the earlier award citations.

Recipients of the Garden History Award

2024 Awardee: Tony Barnes

2024: Anthony (‘Tony’) Laurence Barnes
Location: New Plymouth
Citation: New Zealand Garden Journal (2024, in prep.)