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Conference 2006
Plants as infrastructure

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Final Programme (updated 15 March 2006)

Thursday 23 March
Public Lecture
School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture,Building One, Unitec, Carrington Rd, Mt Albert
(free evening lecture open to the public)
6.00pm Drinks and registrations in main foyer    
7.00pm Prof. Joan Nassauer (Professor of Landscape Architecture, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan) Normative scenarios for landscape change - engaging science to design the future (interdisciplinary research projects)  

Friday 24 March — Red Lecture theatre — Building 180

8.45am Welcome – Jack Hobbs (President, RNZIH)    
9.00am Opening address: Christine Caughey (Auckland City)      
9.30am Keynote address: Prof. Joan Nassauer (Professor of Landscape Architecture, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan) Landscape Infrastructure: at all scales  
10.30am Morning tea    
Water management or Urban planting (parallel sessions starting 11.00am)

Parallel session 1: Water management - Led by Assoc. Prof. Dushko Bugunovich (Unitec)

  Tim Rimmer, Daphne Mitten (Unitec), Uli Rambeck (Pure by Plants Ltd.) Botanical Wastewater Treatment Systems - Green Infrastructure for Peri-urban Areas on Waiheke Island    
  Dr Dani Salleh (Northern University of Malaysia) The use of plants in mitigating flood problems in urban infrastructure developments in Malaysia  
  Leslie Haines & Jacqueline Margetts (Unitec) How can urban riparian planting chime with residential garden design? – amenity planting trial for urban streamsides  
  Joby Barnham (Lincoln University) The aesthetics of waterway naturalisation: Post Occupancy Evaluation of the Waterways and Wetlands Asset Management Strategy in Christchurch, New Zealand  

Parallel session 2: Urban planting - Led by Penny Cliffin (Unitec)

  Nick Robinson (Studio of Urban Landscape Ltd.) Design of planting infrastructure  
  Robyn Simcock (Landcare Research), Logan Whitelaw (University of Auckland) Indigenous New Zealand greenroofs: a Waitakere case study and possible planning incentives    
  Rob Graham (Wintec) Assessment of Hazardous Trees    
  John Adam (Unitec) Archaeological Infrastructure of Wai-te-mata (Auckland) 1820-1850    
Mark Dean (Naturally Native Ltd.) Coastal projects    
1.00pm Lunch    
1.45pm Grant Ockleston (Auckland City), Graham Levy (Beca) Waiatarua Wetland Restoration, Auckland City    
Fieldtrips (starting 2.30pm)
  • Cornwall Park
  • Water management systems at Waiatarua
  • Auckland Regional Botanic Garden
5.30pm Drinks at ARBG Miko Café   
6.30pm Dinner at ARBG    
8.00pm Jack Craw (Auckland Regional Council) After-dinner speaker  
9.00pm Return to city    

Saturday 25 March

8.45am Notices    
Morning Session - Infrastructural planning and design (starting 9.00am)
  John Gundesen (Innovus), Orson Waldock (Isthmus Group) Recent projects by Peter Walker and Partners in the Auckland Region  
  Colin Meurk (Landcare Research), Simon Swaffield (Lincoln University) Plants are the Infrastructure to Ecological and Cultural Integrity  
  Stella Belliss & Heather North (Landcare Research) Urban impervious/greenness maps derived from satellite imagery  
10.30am Morning tea    
Fieldtrip with picnic lunch (starting 11.00am)
  • University of Auckland botanical collections
  • Albert Park
  • Inner city street planting
  • Street trees
Afternoon final session (starting 2.30pm)
  Kim Barrett (Haydn & Rollett Construction) Achieving Great Outcomes through Multi-discipline Teams    
Joan Nassauer Cultural sustainability of urban greening: Maintaining ecological advances    
    Reflections on NZ visit    
3pm Drinks and nibbles to finish up with guided visit to Unitec Vertical Composting Unit, tree collection and hortecology sanctuary    
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